Two Ways to Make a Difference

Pet Earth: $2.99
A portion of the purchase price goes directly to planting trees. You'll receive a certificate that shows your donation.
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Pet Earth Lite: Free!
A portion of ad revenue generated will be used to plant trees worldwide.
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Pet Earth iPhone Game

Pet Earth is your very own virtual pet. Take good care of your pet by fixing disasters and finding polluters. Buy or earn trees and plant them on Pet Earth to keep it healthy and happy.

Environmental Impact

Trees make a world of difference for Pet Earth and mother Earth. So, we’ll donate a portion of the retail price and ad revenue to help plant trees worldwide. If you purchase the ad-free version, you will also receive a certificate that shows your generous donation.

  • Mini games to fix disasters
  • Find polluters by answering geography trivia questions
  • Plant trees to keep your pet happy
  • Buy trees from the Earth store
  • Multiple views
  • Nurture and grow Pet Earth


It has come to our attention that some of the disasters are difficult to solve using the iPod Touch without a microphone. We are working to address this right now. Please be aware of this if you are downloading onto your iPod Touch. We apologize for the inconvenience.